Artists Activated

Four pictures of artists of various ages.

For nearly thirty years, BAX has made a deep and multi-faceted commitment to nurturing artists at all ages and stages.

The inter-mingling of young artists alongside emerging and established artists is at the core of BAX’s belief that generations inform each other, encouraging artists to see their practice, their work, and our broader culture through the lens of varied age and experience. This intentional approach expands our learning community and cultivates how we move from empathy to activism.

ARTISTS ACTIVATED is a series of programs that extend our collective activism and artistic practice through curating workshops, mini-residencies and performances/events.


The INTERGENERATIONAL WORKSHOP SERIES invite intergenerational audiences (ages 6 through adult seniors) to participate in interactive workshops that explore and embody identity using playful performing arts activities.

Sunday, March 29

BAX Intergenerational Artist Exchange: A Day for All Ages & Stages
Join us for a full day of interactive workshops, panels, and performances open to all ages and stages (from 1 years old through adulthood)! Young artists, caregivers, and professionals alike will have opportunities to inspire each other by participating in hands-on activities, develop creative works, perform and observe each other.

Detailed schedule HERE


The ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE AS CURATORS program, led by Artistic Advisors (and former BAX AIR) Nia Love and Abigail Browde, provides mentorship and artistic guidance to 2nd-year BAX Artists In Residence as they extend their activism and artistic practice.

Friday & Saturday, May 1 & 2

Performances with Marielys Burgos Meléndez and Awilda Rodriguez Lora
Curated by Antonio Ramos (BAX AIR 2018/20)


The CREATING SPACE workshop series for adults is curated and produced by current and former BAX AIR, faculty, and staff, providing opportunities to support and develop artists of all races, backgrounds, cultures, sexual orientations, gender identities, and aesthetic traditions.

See all of the current workshops and classes being offered HERE