2021/2022 Artists in Residence Application

Informational graphic in blue with black text for the 2021/2022 BAX Artists in Residence program, with applications open April 5 through May 5, 2021.

Image description: An informational graphic with a light gray to blue gradient background and black, block, sans serif text reading: “2021/2022 BAX AIR. Applications open: April 5 – May 5, 2021.”


2021/2022 BAX Artist in Residence applications are officially open!


We are accepting applications in dance, theater, and performance for 3 residencies.


Residencies include a $4,500 stipend, 300 hours of studio space, mentorship from BAX artist advisors, participation in the cohort of AIRs, technical and production support, administrative support, and several performance opportunities scaled to a year-long development process.


Applications are accepted via submittable, with options to include audio or video responses instead of written text responses.

Apply via Submittable



Questions and Details:
We recently hosted two informational Q&A sessions open to prospective applicants. One took place Thursday, April 15 at 12:00PM ET and the other Monday, April 19 at 6:00PM ET.

These sessions were invaluable learning experiences for those presents and for the BAX Artist Programs team as we are working collaboratively to open access and transparency in BAX Artist Programs application processes.

Based on questions posed by artists present at the sessions we have compiled a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document that we hope will be a useful, though non-exhaustive, resource to those applying for this residency. Please check out the FAQ PDF and if you have any further questions please email artistprograms@bax.org with the subject “AIR Application” and BAX staff will respond to your inquiry within two days between Mondays and Thursdays.


2021-22 Artist in Residence (AIR) proposals will be considered in dance, theater, and performance.
3 residencies will be granted for the September 2021 – June 2022 residency period.
Artists living in any of the five NYC boroughs are eligible to apply. Those in residence outside of NYC are not eligible to apply.
Full time students in a degree granting program at a college, university, or institution of higher learning are not eligible to apply.
Former Artists in Residence who completed their residencies in the years 2015 – 2016 or earlier are eligible to apply. Please contact artistprograms@bax.org to notify us of your application as additional information will be required.


Application Accessibility:
Please note that you are welcome to answer the applications questions (excluding the personal information fields) using text, voice, or video. For example, you may substitute a .mp3 audio file of yourself sharing your responses to questions about artistic practice rather than text-based answers.


Due Date:
Applications must be submitted no later than Wednesday, May 5 at 11:59pm EST. BAX staff will be available to answer questions throughout the application period until 4:00pm ET on Monday, May 5.


Important Dates for Applicants:
Please take note of these dates for the application period.

  • May 5: applications due.
  • Applicants will be notified prior to the panel if they are not moving forward and can expect notification by the week of June 21.
  • First part of the week of June 21, 2021: finalists interviewed. If you are a finalist invited for a virtual interview you will be contacted to schedule an interview early the week of June 21, between June 21 and 23.
  • Week of June 28, 2021: Artists in Residence are selected and all applicants will have been notified of their application status.
  • July 15, 2021: first round of studio requests (September – December 2021) are due.
  • September 2021*: virtual introduction mixer.
  • November 2021*: Open Studio/showing.
  • February 2022*: Open Studio/showing.
  • May/June 2022*: Full presentation/performance.


Residency Details:
Selected artists are offered studio space as well as advisory, marketing and production support and resources to develop their artistic practice and work(s) as a BAX Artist-in-Residence over a one year period (with a possible extension for a second full year). BAX will only consider proposals for projects that have not already been staged, performed, or shared in their entirety.

The residency includes the artist’s participation in three public benchmark presentations that progress over the year’s residency: an Open Studio (November), a Work-in-Progress showing (February), and a culminating public performance/presentation (May or June). The Open Studio and Work-in-Progress showings may range in forms, from an open rehearsal, to a public workshop, or practice-based engagement, for example.


Selected artists will have the opportunity to access and exercise the following:

  • Stipend of $4500.
  • 300 hours of free rehearsal space in any of our four studios, updated in compliance with COVID-19 safety guidelines.
  • Use of BAX as a fiscal conduit/sponsor.
  • Building dynamic relationships of peer support and mentorship with both the Artistic Advisors, nia love and Abby Browde, and other key BAX staff members. This includes reflecting together upon work/livelihood issues; goal setting in professional artistic work; addressing obstacles (personal and systemic); accessing and receiving support in applying to resources like funding, grants, and other residencies; among others.
  • Being a participatory member of a peer group with other Artists in Residence, which will meet up to every 4-6 weeks throughout the year for 2-3 hour meetings with the Artistic Advisors (with flexibility for scheduling as and within the cohort).
  • Accessing numerous other artistic communities by way of BAX staff, teaching artists, grantees, and “Practice Lab” artists, among others.
  • Technical support for presenting and planning for your projects at BAX and beyond.
  • Technical, production, and administrative support for research and conception, readings, showings and workshops, rehearsals and productions.
  • REQUIRED: Open Studios in November 2021 and February 2022.
  • REQUIRED: some form of a culminating public premiere — a performance or practice of work to fit your unique process in Spring (April-June) 2022.
  • An opportunity to apply for a second year of residency.
  • An opportunity to curate a performance presentation in year two.


Important Note Regarding Participation and Credits:
Please note that, for any new works developed and/or performed at BAX, we request that BAX be credited as an incubator for the work in the production credits. Work developed during the residency period normally does not have any other public performance commitments in NYC during the course of the residency. Artists are encouraged and expected to be active participants in the residency and their cohort throughout the residency period.


About BAX:
BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange is a multigenerational arts organization nurturing creative expression, education, performance, and artistic process at the intersection of arts and social justice.
BAX’s overarching goal is to support artists-in-progress throughout all ages and stages of development. From our youngest student artists and to our professional artists in residence, all are in the process of creating and becoming more authentically expressive as artists. Focusing on shared areas of exploration and inspiration, the BAX community comes together in a dialogue as artists of all ages articulate their voice, create original work, and reflect on their process.

BAX’s working values include: accessibility, choice making, collaboration, community, creativity, equity, exchange, experimentation, performance, radical hospitality, and skill building.
BAX commits to building equity across our programs, policies, budgets, and culture.
This work demands that we identify and interrupt narratives and structures that uphold white supremacy, sexism, and ableism. We respond to this call with rigorous intention and in collaboration with artists, families, students, collaborators, audiences, supporters, neighbors, board, and staff. And so we are accountable to our multiple communities and continue to learn and change while taking immediate and long-term strategic action. We aspire to cultivate a sustainable and just creative ecology where artists of all ages and stages thrive.

For over three decades BAX has provided an artistic incubator for new theatrical ideas and experimental artists whose themes or ways of working might not have found an alternative base. Many individuals and groups have benefited from residencies at BAX. To become more familiar with our programming you can visit us at bax.org/artistprograms.

BAX’s Artist Programs also includes Practice Lab led predominantly by queer, disabled, and artists of color, these cohort-based programs place mentorship, collaboration, and collective learning at their core. Practice Lab provides these programs with infrastructure and scaffolding, with the ultimate goal of ensuring their collective sustainability.

In addition to BAX’s Artist Programs, BAX offers a wide range of youth education programs including weekly studio classes in dance, theater, tumbling/AcroDance, public school arts services residencies, annual festivals, and seasonal school break programming. BAX’s faculty is made up of approximately 20-25 teaching artists, all of whom are professional performance artists as well as arts educators. BAX education also includes select adult programming including adult/teen studio classes.