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For the past two decades, BAX has provided emerging artists with the right support at the right time in their personal and artistic trajectory. Our distinct focus on developmental process and individualized approach to working with each artist has made us a nurturing incubator for talented, under-represented voices in New York City.

To further assist NYC artists, we have created the following web pages:

Artist Services Organizations NYC Residencies Online Publications & Blogs
Marketing & Graphic Designers Photographers
Videographers Advice On Uploading Video

We hope these resources will support artists in and out of our red doors. If you have any suggestions as to additional resources you would like to see on these pages, please let us know by e-mailing

PLEASE NOTE: some of the above topics are in progress. Stay tuned, these pages will be going live soon.

DISCLAIMER: This is an uncurated list and does not constitute the endorsement of any of the included persons or companies by BAX.