Space Grants

The Space Grant Program is designed to give choreographers, playwrights, and multi-disciplinary artists the opportunity to create new work in a setting that is conducive to working deeply and exploring new territory. Our Space Grant program is the oldest of our programs that support developing artists. It was initially created for dance artists and expanded to support theater and performance artists in the late 1990s. Space grants are often an artist’s entry point into a deeper relationship with BAX. A significant number of our Artists In Residence started their relationship with BAX as space grantees and then claimed the organization as their artistic home.

Space grants acknowledge that seasoned artists and newly emerging artists need uninterrupted space and time to try new ideas or to change directions. Again and again, in surveys of NYC’s performing artists, access to space is the most essential resource. We remain committed to space grants as the core provision of our Artist Services offerings.

“Most importantly, I experienced BAX as a place where everyone is skilled and supported, and where the most important value is to create a vital, creative space.” – Jen Abrams

Artists are selected by application and reviewed by a panel of former space grantees, AIR and staff. Applications are made available in February and are due in early spring of each year. Please check back for exact dates. Recipients receive free rehearsal space in one of BAX’s four studios and have the opportunity to share their work with other Space Grantees and Marya Warshaw in an in-progress showing and feedback session.

A note regarding 2020 AIR and Space Grant Programs: The 20/21 AIR applications will be announced in late Spring while it undergoes an evaluation process by our Artist Advisory Team.  For this season, artists may apply for both the 2020 Summer/Fall Space Grant and 20/21 AIR application when available. Traditionally applicants have had to choose between the two. We look forward to providing you with further updates! 


BAX offers different types of Space Grants:


50 hours, Work Period only with childcare stipend

The grant addresses some of the needs of NYC choreographers/performance makers who are trying to meet the challenges of being an artist and a parent to newborn through pre-school age (0-4) children.


100 hours, Work Period only

The Summer Space Grant is ideal for a dance or theater artist who already has a performance commitment or an artist who is embarking on a research period for upcoming work and does not wish to present.


100 hours, Work Period followed by a showcase performance

The Fall Space Grant allows dance and theater artists an opportunity to perform the work they have developed in front of an audience at the conclusion of the rehearsal process in a showcase format with a post-performance discussion.


The Alumni Space Grant award acknowledges artists who began as dance students at BAX and supports them as working professionals in developing their original voices. There is no formal application for this program. Please contact for more information.


BAX is excited to announce its new Disabled Artist Space Grant Program to take place February-June 2019. The project is facilitated by Lindsay Londs Reuter, a non-disabled cultural practitioner working at the intersections of performance and accessibility. The grant will offer 100 hours of space to four disabled artists working in performance selected through a panel process. Artists will be provided with an honorarium, travel stipend, and advising. Selected artists will be asked to attend and participate in 3-4 sessions evaluating the pilot program, sharing their own work with each other and with BAX’s resident artists and staff.