Mariana Valencia

2016/17 Artist In Residence : Dance

Mariana Valencia ​is a ​Brooklyn based artist​, her ​choreography has been presented in group shows at Dixon Place, Brazil​,​ Roulette​, Center for Performance Research, Movement Research at the Judson Church, AUNTS​ and ​The Flea. ​Her p​erformance/lectures have been presented at The New Museum, Communities of Practice, The New School, The Women and Performance Journal, Sunday Process Labs, Lec/Dem, and Ugly Duckling Presse.​ In New York, Valencia has ​held residencies at Chez Bushwick AIR (2013), New York Live Arts Studio Series (2013-14), AUNTScamp (2015), and ISSUE Project Room AIR (2015). In Los Angeles, ​she has​ held residencies at Show Box LA and Pieter Pasd (2014). ​Her​ projects in costume direction include works by Vanessa Anspaugh, Lauren Bakst, Daria Fain, Juliana May, Jen Rosenblit, Marya Wethers​ and​ Geo Wyeth​.​ Valencia has performed with musician Jules Gimbrone​; ​in videos by Elizabeth Orr, Kate Brandt, and AK Burns, and in dances by robbinschilds and Kim Brandt. ​Valencia is a member of the No Total reading group that functions as a sister of Artists Space Books and Talks, and ​she is ​a co-editor of Movement Research’s Critical Correspondence (2016-17). ​Valencia is a Jerome Travel and Study Grant recipient (2014-15) a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant recipient (2015), a Center for Performance Research Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Artist in Residence Program recipient (2014-15), and a Yellow House Fund of the Tides Foundation grant recipient (2010-13). As a teacher, ​Valencia has develop​ed​ a performance composition class that looks at spatial improvisation. ​She’s ​develop​ed​ this research alongside peers through CLASSCLASSCLASS (2010-11), and the What is Queer Performance? Festival (2013).​ ​​Valencia holds a BA from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA (2006) with a concentration in dance and ethnography.

Photo credit: Charlotte Curtis


Mariana Valencia will research a one woman show comprised of a disassembled song album. The lyrics to her original compositions are written from her travel logs and dance-making journals. Through these original soundtracks she depicts lineages of her identity and her experience. This album of music is crafted by a nuanced sense of choreographic methodologies that create a performance that is humorous, ready to fail and deeply human.Her inquiries focus on content density with a plural and multi-directional approach to performance. With these methods, Valencia makes monologues out of dances and songs into scenes placing genres next to each other and fluidly crafting performances from overlapping devices. Her work in this sense, is a saturation of material that researches a wide breadth of content as a means to penetrate her current identifiers.