Dan Fishback

Doris Duke Artist In Residence

Dan Fishback | Doris duke Artist In Residence at BAXDan Fishback is a playwright, musician, and director of the Helix Queer Performance Network. Previous work includes “The Material World” (Top 10 Plays of 2012 – Time Out New York) and “thirtynothing” (2011), which were both developed at BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange and performed at Dixon Place, and “You Will Experience Silence” (2009), which the Village Voice called “sassier and more fun than ‘Angels in America.’” As a singer songwriter, and with his band Cheese On Bread, Fishback has toured Europe and North America, and has released five full-length albums. As Helix director, he teaches workshops, organizes public events, and curates and produces a variety of festivals and series, including “La MaMa’s Squirts.” He is currently working on a new play, “Rubble Rubble,” and a new album with Cheese On Bread.

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF) has chosen 24 pairs of artists and arts organizations nationwide to receive a total of $2,430,000 in Implementation grants for projects that aim to drive public demand for jazz, theatre and/or contemporary dance. This funding is part of DDCF’s Building Demand for the Arts program, which launched in 2013 and supports partnerships focused on using the performing arts in unique ways to develop meaningful connections with targeted audiences. [press release]

In order to build demand and audience for LGBTQ work across race, class and gender lines, we will engage in several different programmatic activities. The following is a description of two of the programs that will be the backbone of the implementation grant:


SUBMERGE is our performance series that celebrates the cultural achievements of LGBTQ artists of color. Housed at BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange, SUBMERGE will take place for three weeks in November 2016, and will serve as the culmination of a four-month process of curation, collaboration and institutionally-supported artistic exploration along with Curator Naimonu James.. The series provides significant resources for LGBTQ POC cultural workers, and a space of celebration and healing for a variety of intersecting communities. Throughout the festival BAX will engage in g serious and sustained conversations about equity, gender and justice among artists, audiences, and the greater BAX community.


Participants develop solo performances based on their personal obsessions and political impulses, all the while exploring the recent history of queer performance in New York City. Performance artist and instructor Dan Fishback works closely with students to move beyond conventional notions of “self-expression” and “autobiography” to something more primal and satisfying. Using traditional queer performance forms as a reference point, students are encouraged to find new artistic language to stage their most vital urges. While students develop solo pieces, they also discuss the interplay between the individual artist and a broader sense of collectivity, especially as it relates to queer community struggles against racism, misogyny and transphobia. Each student is assigned to meet and interview a different established queer performance artist. The final session of this eight-week class takes the shape of a fully-produced, public performance of completed student work.