2017-18 Artist In Residence Letter of Intent


PLEASE NOTE: Artists that applied for the 2017 Artist in Residence program are INELIGIBLE to apply for the 2017 BAX Space Grant Program.


  • Dance, Theater, and Performance artists living in all five NYC boroughs are eligible to apply.
  • Former Artist in Residences who have completed their residencies in 2011-12 or earlier are eligible to apply. Please contact Executive Director, Marya Warshaw prior to submitting your application as there will be additional information required. This residency includes premiere or work in progress performance of work created at BAX.
  • ALL applicants must first submit a LETTER OF INTENT in order to be invited to submit a full proposal.
  • Finalists will be notified by Friday, April 21, 2017. IN PERSON Interviews will take place the WEEKEND OF APRIL 22-23. Final notification will be on or before Monday, May  1, 2017. 
  • Two – Four awards will be given for the July 2017 -June 2018 residency period. Selected artists are provided with a base for development over a one-year period (with a possible extension for another full year). BAX will consider original work only, not the re-staging of existing work. BAX is deeply invested in developing original voices and work that explores new ground.
  • There is a REQUIRED Meet & Greet/Orientation for returning and incoming AIR’s and Space Grant Awardees on Monday, June 19, 2017, from 7-8:30 pm



BAX is a multi-faceted performing arts center, recognized citywide and nationally for its dedication to supporting the development of emerging artists and providing a home for groundbreaking dance and theatre.  BAX’s programs, such as its artist residencies, are constructed to offer all the support necessary to allow for the in-depth investigation of artistic voice and intent. Over the twenty-five years in which BAX has developed and refined its work with performing artists, the organization has garnered a strong reputation among artists as a place where they can take risks, succeed or fail, and have their work produced in a nurturing environment that promotes learning and growth. In addition to its artist residency programs, BAX offers a wide range of services, including an annual presenting season, on-site educational programs in theater and dance for youth age 3-18, and in-school education programs at five Brooklyn public schools.

The BAX AIR program, more than any other residency I’ve encountered, is deeply humane.  It acknowledges me as a human being making art.  It addresses every aspect of my profession, from the logistics of a production to the emotional toll of the industry.  Through this residency, I can make sense out of a chaotic business, and when I leave it, I already know I will be more capable of holding my own as an artist and as a professional. — Dan Fishback AIR 2010-2012 & current Doris Duke Resident Artist



The residency best suits an artist in the process of discovery, transition and/or is in a transformative stage of development. It is essential that the AIR be self-directed and be willing to engage in a dialogue with BAX.  While there are many services BAX is able to provide, no residency can meet all the needs of an artist. Hence, BAX will do its best to direct and advise artists in the search for additional support and services throughout this residency. Artists are chosen through application, work sample and interview. We support choreographers, playwrights and performance artists. The residency supports research and conception, readings, showings and workshops, rehearsals and production. There are six participating artists each season who receive up to two years of uninterrupted artistic, technical and administrative support as well as 300 hours of rehearsal space. ** They are also provided with a $3,000 yearly stipend, and the use of BAX as a fiscal conduit for fundraising purposes. Artists may apply for additional funding using this designation.

The residency year runs from July 1 – June 30. In November and February artists participate in Open Studio showings to friends, colleagues and the public and include post showing conversations. AIR are required to attend each other’s Open Studio showings. AIR’s present in their own full weekend in Spring 2018.  These performances are fully produced which means they are of no cost to the artists who are provided with a fee, lighting/sound designers and board operators, both front and back of house staff, all publicity and marketing and outreach support to develop new audiences.  AIR meet approximately every six weeks throughout the year for three hour meetings. They share their success and challenges. BAX is a place for artists to engage in “real talk” as opposed to “getting the gig”, to speak honestly about their struggles and by doing so achieve artistic maturity. Once the work has been produced BAX often assists resident artists to seek a broader audience to establish relationships with other producers and funders.

BAX has provided an artistic home for new theatrical ideas and experimental artists whose themes or ways of working might not have found an alternative home base.

Some of the individuals and groups who have benefited from residencies at BAX include: Faye Driscoll, Aurin Squire, Paloma McGregor, Ni’Ja Whitson , Erin Markey, luciana achugar, Dan Fishback, Kristine Haruna Lee, and Katy Pyle. To become more familiar with our programming you can also visit us at www.bax.org.


Selected artists will have the opportunity to establish an artistic home. This home includes:

  • Building a dynamic relationship with both the Executive Director/Artistic Director and other key staff members that includes work/livelihood issues, goal setting, accessing resources, to name a few.
  • Being a participatory member of a peer group
  • Technical support for presenting and long-range planning for your projects at BAX and beyond.
  • The residency includes 300 hours of free rehearsal space in any of our four studios (note, there is limited availability of rehearsal space in July/August. AIRs receive priority booking of space, September—June.)
  • REQUIRED: Open Studio showings in November 18-19, 2017 and February 3-4, 2018.
  • REQUIRED: A full production of residency work in our AIR Festival between April – June 2018 (usually 2 evenings)
  • An opportunity to apply for a second year of residency
  • An opportunity to curate in Year Two.
  • Stipend of $3000
  • Please note that due to audience development considerations we request that the work you develop not be presented elsewhere in the NYC area for two months before or after your BAX performances. Exceptions to this can only be made in consultation with the Executive Director. Artist cannot apply if they currently have (or will have concurrently) other residencies in NYC. Work developed may not have a commitment to premiere in another venue during the residency period.

Successful applicants will use the allotted space to speak from your own voice and provide a clear picture for the panel of who you are and the value (beyond rehearsal space) of this residency to you. In addition BAX has a history and commitment to working with a wide range of developing artists including POC, LGBTQ artists and artists in transition from a variety of professional and personal stages of their lives. We are interested in creating a cohort of artists that will bring a dynamic conversation and multiple pathways to “success”. Therefore, the panels are entrusted with seeking evidence of these important areas in the application.