Programs & Classes

BAX offers and hosts a variety of programs, classes, and special projects for artists working in and across performance, dance, and theater.

BAX is currently restructuring programs for the 2020/21 season. Please visit stay tuned for updates.


Past programs and classes offered at BAX have included:

NEEDING IT: solo performance in queer community

A Helix Queer Performance Network Workshop

NEEDING IT was developed by Dan Fishback as part of an ongoing collaboration between arts and politics organizations in NYC. Instructors for NEEDING IT have included Dan Fishback and Heather María Acs.


BAX provided space and support for johnbrown, a collaboration between former AIR and BAX arts & artists in progress award recipient Dean Moss and acclaimed visual artist Laylah Ali.

From Moss & Ali on johnbrown:

We are interested in the environment of the 1850’s before the civil war: its political polarity and the parallels to now. We’re excavating landscapes, weather, forced migrations, and the struggle to survive the  promise  and  severity of the new west.  We’re beginning a process that offers up our imagined radical selves to the magma of contemporary culture, hoping to sense in the flash of flame a trace of John Brown.





BAX is delighted to host The EmergeLAB@BAX which is comprised of alum of the EmergeNYC program at the Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics. The goal of the LAB is to provide a non-curated, non-hierarchical space for artistic development, where the artists determine their own frameworks and processes for experimentation and growth.


BAX Executive Director Marya  Warshaw was selected as a creative mentor to the 2013/14 Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation’s New Directions Choreography Lab.