The SPACE GRANT PROGRAM of BAX | BROOKLYN ARTS EXCHANGE is designed to give NYC based dance, theater and performance artists the opportunity to create new work in a setting that is conducive to working deeply and exploring new territory. We are actively seeking artists who can demonstrate the need for our space and the ability to work effectively.

At least three artists will be selected for each grant period, each recipient will be offered:

  • $500 stipend
  • 100 hours of free rehearsal space in the BAX BUILDING at 421 Fifth Avenue, Park Slope. For studio specs and amenities, please visit http://thebuilding.bax.org.
  • No less than one advisory session with BAX’s Artistic Director and/or other artistic/development advisors. Topics may include future engagements, fundraising, artistic practice or other topics as suggested by individual artists & advisors.

BAX offers two different types of Space Grants:  

Grant #1 Summer Space Grant 

Work Period only (June 1- August 16, 2019).

This is a work period only and has no performance attached to it.

The rehearsal hours for this grant take place between June 1 – August 16, 2019, on weekday evenings or weekends (with some limited day-time space available in June only).

It is ideal for the artist who already has a performance commitment for Fall 2019 and cannot abide by the exclusionary period BAX requires for presentation (see Fall grant period) OR an artist who is embarking on a research period for upcoming work and does not wish to present.

Summer space grantees will participate in an informal Show & Share Tuesday, August 6 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm showing 5-10 minutes of work developed, and participating in a conversation with other space grantees, BAX’s Artistic Director, staff and artist advisors.

Grant #2 Fall Space Grant

Work Period (September 3 – December 7, 2019) culminating in a Showcase Performance

The Space Grant two-night performance showcase is scheduled for Friday, December 6 & Saturday, December 7, 2019. It allows the artist an opportunity to perform the work (or an excerpt) developed during the space grant in front of an audience at the conclusion of the rehearsal process in a two-night showcase format with a post-performance discussion.

In addition, Fall Space Grantees participate in an informal Show & Share Saturday, November 2 from 2:00 – 4:00 pm showing 5 -10 minutes of work developed, and participating in a conversation with other space grantees, BAX’s Artistic Director, staff and artist advisors.



  • Dance, Experimental Theater/Performance creators residing in all five NYC boroughs
  • Former Upstart Program, and Needing It participants.  
  • Former BAX Space Grant Artists who have received previous space grants must wait three years before reapplying.  For example, if you received a grant in 2015/2016 (or earlier) you may re-apply in 2019.

Not Eligible:

  • Artists applying for the 2019/20 Space Grant are ineligible to apply for the 2019-20 Artist in Residence Program, and vice versa. Please choose the program that best suits your work and your needs and proceed accordingly.
  • Non-residents of New York City
  • Students


  • Artists may apply to ONLY ONE Space Grant Program – Summer or Fall. Please choose the time period that best suits suit your needs and proceed accordingly.
  • Note: there is limited to NO prop storage at our rehearsal venues.



Notification on or before, Monday, April 1, 2019


BAX is a multi-faceted performing arts center, recognized citywide and nationally for its dedication to supporting the development of emerging artists and providing a home for groundbreaking dance and theatre.  BAX’s programs, such as its artist residencies, are constructed to offer all the support necessary to allow for the in-depth investigation of artistic voice and intent. Over the twenty-five years in which BAX has developed and refined its work with performing artists, the organization has garnered a strong reputation among artists as a place where they can take risks, succeed or fail, and have their work produced in a nurturing environment that promotes learning and growth. In addition to its artist residency programs, BAX offers a wide range of services, including an annual presenting season, on-site educational programs in theater and dance for youth age 3-18, and in-school education programs at five Brooklyn public schools.

BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange welcomes students, families, faculty, and artists to BAX, an organization with a core commitment to social justice. In keeping with BAX’s mission to “encourage artistic risk-taking and stimulate dialogue among diverse constituencies,” we intentionally and purposefully support the voices of under-represented individuals and groups of all origins, ages, abilities, races, sexual orientations, and genders including — trans-identified individuals, or those with varied immigration statuses. All our constituents join an organization whose staff and Board is actively engaged in challenging the manifestations of whiteness, able-bodiedness, and privilege as part of our ongoing anti-racist efforts and our other anti-oppression, pro-inclusion work.

BAX has a proud history of and a commitment to supporting cohorts that are reflective of all origins, ages, sexual orientations, genders, race, and nationalities. In our curation and residencies, we take into account our field’s history of racism and discrimination and make active steps to undo the effects of that history. We believe that this commitment enriches the experience for all members and audiences.

BAX is interested in original voices and is deeply invested in work that explores new ground. We will consider only projects of original work, not re-staging of work.

Applicants must be New York City residents (from the five boroughs). In the case of a collective, most members must be New York City residents and have a New York City base. The application should be made by the choreographer, playwright or creator of the work with the exception of a company that develops work of more than one artist and has an Artistic Director; in that case, the Artistic Director may make the application.

PLEASE NOTE: BAX does not provide producing services (i.e. playwrights must seek their own directors, actors etc.)

To view a list of artists whose work has been developed in recent seasons, visit artistservices.bax.org/residencies/history.

Questions? Email artistservices@bax.org (subject line: SPACE GRANT APPLICATION)